Hydrates and Flow Assurance

Research and understanding through experiments and modelling as the industry moves from hydrate mitigation to hydrate management...

Seaweed Extract for Scale Prevention

Prevention of calcium scale in oil and gas pipelines through the innovative use of a seaweed extract.

Experts show new way to store clean, energy rich gases

An international team of scientists and engineers has discovered a solution to a long-standing scientific problem of storing gases

The Fluid Science and Resources research group at the University of Western Australia conducts applied research aimed at advancing knowledge, maximising the value of resources produced, and minimising the environmental impact of their production.


Industry aligned research projects - spanning a broad spectrum of fundamental studies, bench scale experiments, modelling of real world systems and dynamic pilot-scale processes.

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Our research is continually published in peer reviewed journals. A complete list can be found here...

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We host a number of Industry Workshops throughout the year. Focus areas include LNG Processing, Flow Assurance and Separations and Sensing.

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Developing free-to-access software is an effective way to deploy our research findings for applied industry applications.

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The Australian Centre for LNG Futures provides transformational benefits to Australia through collaboration, technological innovation and investment in education with industry partnership.