Core Flooding Apparatus

This specialized core flooding apparatus is designed for dispersion measurements of supercritical CO2 in CH4 used as input parameters for Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR) field scale simulations. The rock core is mounted in a Temco tri-axial core holder (RCHT-1.5 designed for cores of length up to 102 mm and pressures up to 69 Mpa) and is kept at a constant temperature by a silicone oil bath. The methane is injected by a syringe pump (ISCO 260D) while the pulse injection of CO2is controlled by a high pressure metering pump (Quizix QX-6000) and a HPLC switching valve. The core effluent is analysed by a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (Varian 640-IR) and the gases are collected by a second syringe pump at the end of the circuit, which works to maintain the average pressure constant during the experiment. The value of temperature and pressures (measured with a differential pressure transducer at the inlet and at the outlet of the core) are constantly monitored through Labview software.

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