High Pressure Rheometer

This Hybrid Rheometer can be used to determine the rheological properties of materials by analysing their stress / strain relationship. The rotational rheometer in Fluid Science & Resources group is an advanced combined motor and transducer (CMT) rheometer with Peltier jacket for temperature control. It can provide information about materials’ viscosity as a function of shear rate or stress, analyzing both time and temperature dependence; viscoelastic properties with respect to time, temperature and frequency; and stress/strain transient responses, such as relaxation modulus, creep compliance and creep recovery. With the pressure cell attached, the rheometer can be used to a pressure up to 138 bar (2000psi) at temperatures ranging from -10 °C to 150 °C; which makes almost all research related to rheology feasible, including analysis of the flow characteristics of crude oil and the rheology of hydrate slurries.

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