ICCT 2016, China

September 21, 2016

September 2, 2016  Five Researchers from the LNG Futures Training Centre and Fluid Science & Resource research group were in Guilin, China last week for the 24th International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics (ICCT-2016). They joined over 200 researchers presenting their work in Chemical Thermodynamics and Calorimetry.

Training Centre Director, Professor Eric May presented a Plenary lecture titled Thermophysical Properties of High-Pressure Mixtures to Advance Natural Gas Processing.  In other sessions,

Research Fellow Saif Al Ghafri gave a talk on recent measurements of the viscosity (by vibrating wire viscometer) and density (by magnetic suspension balance) of methane + propane + carbon dioxide mixtures.

Research Fellow Thomas spoke of the late Ken Marsh and delivered a plenary reviewing Ken’s last two publications (from June 2016) and outlined his significant contribution to the development of capabilities in thermophysical property measurement at UWA.

PhD Student Kumarini Seneviratne gave a talk on her surface tension and critical point measurements and Jordan Oakley talked about the measurement of equilibrium temperatures from differential scanning calorimetry.

The city of Guilin in Guangxi, China is in the South of China. Situated on two lakes the city is set amongst a dramatic landscape of limestone karst hills. Researchers took some time out from the conference for some sightseeing.

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