Imaging Desalination Membranes

October 15, 2017

PhD Student Nick Bristow (Left) receives his awards at IWA-MTC

PhD Student Nick Bristow has won the best student poster presentation award for his work on imaging velocity in desalination membranes.  The award was given as part of the 8th IWA Membrane Technology Conference & Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse recently held in Singapore.  Nick’s poster was one of more than 50 presented at the conference and he impressed the judges with his research and ability to present it clearly to a broad audience.

The poster’s title was High Resolution Velocity Imaging of Desalination Membranes.  It describes one aspect of a broader FSR research program that applies Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) imaging to enable early detection of membrane fouling in water treatment plants.  Early detection of fouling in water membrane is a difficult problem to solve but has the potential to significantly reduce O&M costs for water treatment plants.

The IWA-MTC, International Water Association – Membrane Technology Conference is one of the largest Specialist Groups inside IWA, covering the entire range of water-related membrane technology. Membranes play a major role in producing high quality drinking water and overcoming water shortage challenges faced by many countries in the world through water reuse and desalination.










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