Group Meetings

The Fluid Science and Resources group meets every Friday in the ARRC Auditorium at 8:30 AM. Each group meeting follows a three-part schedule: (i) 25-minute presentation by main presenter; (ii) 20-minute review of laboratory safety and operations; and (iii) 40-minute Section meeting, featuring two PhD student presentations.

Group Meeting Schedule:

DateColloquiumGroup SectionVenue
11thDecember 2020Xiaoxian YangSeparationsZoom
4thDecember 2020Paul StanwixFlow AssuranceZoom
27thNovember 2020Asheesh KumarThermophysicsZoom
20thNovember 2020Eric MayNMRZoom
13thNovember 2020Ming LiSeparationsZoom
6thNovember 2020Stephen Moggach, UWA School of Molecular SciencesFlow AssuranceZoom
30thOctober 2020Zach AmanThermophysicsZoom
23rdOctober 2020Guoping HuNMRZoom
16thOctober 2020Michael JohnsSeparationsZoom
9thOctober 2020Bruce NorrisFlow AssuranceZoom
2ndOctober 2020Neil RobinsonThermophysicsZoom
25thSeptember 2020Peter MetaxasNMRZoom
18thSeptember 2020Keelan O'NeillSeparationsZoom
11thSeptember 2020Helen Maynard-Casely, ANSTOFlow AssuranceZoom
4thSeptember 2020Kwanghee JeongThermophysicsZoom
28thAugust 2020Zachary AmanNMRZoom
21stAugust 2020Xiaoxian YangSeparationsZoom
14thAugust 2020Saif Al GhafriFlow AssuranceZoom
7thAugust 2020James XiaoThermophysicsZoom

You can view a historic list of Group Meeting presenters and their presentations here.

Section Coordinators (responsible for organising Section meetings):

  • Thermophysics: Saif Al Ghafri
  • Flow Assurance: Zach Aman
  • NMR: Einar Fridjonsson
  • Separations: James Xiao (Asheesh Kumar)