Group Meetings

The Fluid Science and Resources group meets every Friday in the ARRC Auditorium at 8:30 AM. Each group meeting follows a three-part schedule: (i) 25-minute presentation by main presenter; (ii) 20-minute review of laboratory safety and operations; and (iii) 40-minute Section meeting, featuring two PhD student presentations.

Group Meeting Schedule:

DateColloquiumGroup SectionVenue
30th Mar 2018Good FridayNo Meeting-
23rd Mar 2018Arash Arami NiyaThermophysicsARRC
16th Mar 2018Brent Young (Saybry Limited)NMRUWA OI
9th Mar 2018Paul StanwixFlow AssuranceARRC
2nd Mar 2018Peter MetaxasSeparationsARRC
23rd Feb 2018Mauricio Di LorenzoThermophysicsARRC
16th Feb 2018Ross Piltz (ANSTO)NMRUWA OI
9th Feb 2018Einar FridjonssonFlow AssuranceUWA OI
2nd Feb 2018Luke McElroy (Curtin University)
Flow AssuranceARRC
26th Jan 2018Australia DayNo Meeting-
19th Jan 2018Sofia MylonaThermophysicsARRC
12th Jan 2018Zach AmanNMRARRC

You can view a historic list of Group Meeting presenters and their presentations here.

Section Coordinators (responsible for organising Section meetings):

  • Thermophysics: Saif Al Ghafri
  • Flow Assurance: Zach Aman (Mossayeb Arjmandi)
  • NMR: Einar Fridjonsson (John Zhen)
  • Separations: James Xiao