Group Meetings

The Fluid Science and Resources group meets every Friday in the ARRC Auditorium at 8:30 AM. Each group meeting follows a three-part schedule: (i) 25-minute presentation by main presenter; (ii) 20-minute review of laboratory safety and operations; and (iii) 40-minute Section meeting, featuring two PhD student presentations.

Group Meeting Schedule:

DateColloquiumGroup SectionVenue
17thJuly 2020Saif Al GhafriFlow AssuranceZoom
10thJuly 2020Ming LiThermophysicsZoom
3rdJuly 2020Brendan GrahamNMRZoom
26thJune 2020Nicholas LingSeparationsZoom
19thJune 2020Peter FalloonFlow AssuranceZoom
12thJune 2020Eric MayThermophysicsZoom
5thJune 2020Peter MetaxasNMRZoom
29thMay 2020Michael JohnsSeparationsZoom
22ndMay 2020Zach AmanFlow AssuranceZoom
15thMay 2020Bruce NorrisThermophysicsZoom
8thMay 2020Mark PurdueNMRZoom
1stMay 2020Dr Christian Reece, Harvard UniversitySeparationsZoom
24thApril 2020Paul ConnollyFlow AssuranceZoom
17thApril 2020Einar FridjonssonThermophysicsZoom
10thApril 2020Good FridayNo Meeting
3rdApril 2020No presentationNMRZoom
27thMarch 2020James XiaoSeparationsZoom
20thMarch 2020No presentation this weekFlow AssuranceZoom
13thMarch 2020Zachary AmanThermophysicsGGGL: [ G21] Webb Lecture Theatre
6thMarch 2020Xiaoxian YangNMRARRC
28thFeb 2020Peter MetaxasSeparationsARRC
21stFeb 2020Paul StanwixFlow AssuranceARRC
14thFeb 2020Asheesh KumarGuest Presentation - Industrial Tomography SystemsARRC
7thFeb 2020Prof Krishnaswamy Ponnani - BITS Pilani Goa CampusNMRARRC
31stJan 2020Ming LiSeparationsARRC
24thJan 2020Brendan GrahamFlow AssuranceARRC
13thDec 2019Michael JohnsThermophysicsARRC
6thDec 2019Yenny Rojas GonzalezNMRARRC
29thNov 2019Richard Sadus - visitor Swinburne University of TechnologySeparationsARRC
22ndNov 2019Neil RobinsonFlow AssuranceARRC
15thNov 2019Arash Arami NiyaThermophysicsARRC
8thNov 2019Eric MayNMRARRC
1stNov 2019Masoumeh ZargerSeparationsARRC
25thOct 2019Bayode Ero-PhillipsFlow AssuranceUWA MATHS G40 Weatherburn Lecture Theatre
18thOct 2019Paul ConnollyThermophysicsARRC
11thOct 2019Fredrik Myrl - visitor NMRARRC
4thOct 2019Bruce NorrisSeparationsARRC
27thSept 2019Roland Span - visitor Ruhr-Universitat BochumFlow AssuranceARRC
20thSept 2019Ming LiThermophysicsARRC
13thSept 2019Alberto Striolo - visitor University College LondonNMRARRC
6thSept 2019Brendan GrahamSeparationsUWA Geology G21 Webb LT
30thAug 2019Mark PurdueFlow AssuranceUWA Geology G21 Webb LT
23rdAug 2019Mauricio Di Lorenzo RuggeriThermophysicsARRC
16thAug 2019Peter MetaxasNMRARRC
9thAug 2019Darren RowlandSeparationsARRC
2ndAug 2019Xiaoxian YangFlow AssuranceARRC

You can view a historic list of Group Meeting presenters and their presentations here.

Section Coordinators (responsible for organising Section meetings):

  • Thermophysics: Saif Al Ghafri
  • Flow Assurance: Zach Aman
  • NMR: Einar Fridjonsson
  • Separations: James Xiao (Asheesh Kumar)