Dr Guoping Hu


Research Associate

Dr. Guoping Hu is a Research Associate at The University of Western Australia, with strong industry focus in chemical separations. Guoping received his PhD degree from The University of Melbourne in 2018. His research interests are in gas separation and hydrometallurgy, especially using solvent extraction, absorption and adsorption for metal extraction, carbon capture, and CH4 separation from mixed gases (i.e. the utilization of coal seam gas, landfill gas, biogas and refinery tail gas). His research also extends to biocatalysts, CO2 utilization, energy policy, hydrogen economics, and clean energy systems. He has contributed to 1 book chapter, 6 industrial reports, 7 patents and more than 20 peer-reviewed journal publications. He was the Sectary (2019-2020) of CAPS, Australia. He also served as a guest editor for the journal of Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering from 2019 to 2020. He won the Young Scientist Research Prize awarded by the Royal Society of Victoria in 2017 and was a finalist of the 2017 IChemE Global Award for Young Researchers.

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