Mirhadi Seyyedsadsadaghiani


PhD Candidate

In 2018, Mirhadi commenced his PhD program at the University of Western Australia, before which he worked for 1.5 years as a trainee engineer at Namvaran Oil & Gas company in Iran. His project has focused on thermophysical properties and flammability characteristics of environmentally-friendly refrigerants. His project aims to fill in gaps of knowledge on vapour-liquid-equilibrium and solid-liquid-equilibrium of the newest refrigerant mixtures with the least global warming potential. Besides, Mirhadi has worked on the hydrate dissociation temperatures in methane-rich mixtures (<200 ppm moisture) at elevated pressures. Prior to starting his PhD, Mirhadi completed a Master of Science at the University of Tehran in hydrogen liquefaction plants.

PhD Title: Measurement & modelling of environmentally-friendly refrigerant mixture properties and flammability

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