Sam Kobeissi

Sam Kobeissi

PhD Candidate
NMR & Porous Materials

PhD Title: Hydrogen storage in depleted subsurface reservoirs – measuring the dispersion coefficient between hydrogen and cushion gas mixtures.

Sam is a PhD candidate within the Fluid Science and Resources (FSR) division at The University of Western Australia (UWA), specialising in the field of underground hydrogen storage in porous media (UHSP). In his research, Sam uses novel magnetic resonance techniques to study the dynamics of hydrogen gas and cushion gas mixtures when stored within porous materials. This involves quantifying the extent of mixing between them by accurately measuring the dispersion coefficient (KL) . Prior to joining FSR, Sam worked as a student engineer at Rig Technologies International, where he was involved in the development of an innovative method to power geophysical instruments that could withstand the hostile conditions behind the drilling hammer on reverse circulation drills. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and graduated in the top 5% with first-class honours from Edith Cowan University (ECU) in 2021.

Through his research, Sam aims to contribute to the development of sustainable energy storage solutions that can help address the world’s energy challenges.

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