Dr Shamsur Rahman


Technical Lead
Azure Integration Factory, Rio Tinto

Dr Shamsur Rahman

Shamsur graduated from the FSR group in 2020. His PhD thesis focused on material development and numerical modelling pertaining to adsorptive separation of gas mixtures. His work involved developing an empirical isotherm model capable of quantifying adsorption/desorption hysteresis of flexible adsorbents such as breathing MOFs and thus enabling process simulations with next generation high‐selectivity adsorbents. His study also included the synthesis of a novel adsorbent called carbon enhanced zeolite with significantly enhanced nitrogen and methane adsorption capacities, which can potentially lead to large scale production of low-cost high capacity zeolite based adsorbents with applications in gas separation and storage.

Shamsur is currently working in WA’s mining industry as a Technical Lead and has been directly involved in a number of high profile Cloud Integration and Data Engineering projects.

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