Ruhr Uni Collaboration

July 4, 2016

Prof. Martin Trusler of Imperial College, Prof. Markus Richter of Ruhr University & Prof. Eric May of UWA

5 July 2016. Professor Eric May, Dr. Paul Stanwix and Dr. Darren Rowland of UWA are currently spending time at Ruhr University in Bochum Germany.  They are collaborating with Professor Roland Span and Professor Markus Richter in the area of Thermophysics specifically on microwave measurements of dew points.

Also taking part in the collaboration and currently joining the researchers at Ruhr University is Professor Martin Trusler of the Imperial College in London.   The collaboration has been in operation for a number of years and Eric previously spent several months at Imperial College in 2014.

The research enables more accurate physical properties of natural gas at high pressure and low temperatures. The increase in accuracy of data results in improved LNG plant design and operation.

Eric’s visit is part of Ruhr Universities prestigious VIP (Visiting International Professor) program. As part of Eric’s visit he held a guest lecture to Masters Students titled “Dielectric Constant, Permittivity and Refractive Index: Measurements for Industrial Applications”

Eric May is the Director of the ARC ITTC for LNG Futures and also the Chevron Chair of Gas Processing at UWA.

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