Tony Goodwin

Jill Stajduhar (left), Tony, and Eric at UWA in 2012 for Tony’s Public Lecture

Tony was a frequent visitor to our labs. He visited up to twice a year for 1-2 week periods often with Ken Marsh. A lot was accomplished during these whirlwind visits due to Tony’s drive and enthusiasm.
His practical and technical knowledge was invaluable in the construction of several new apparatus, particularly our vibrating wire viscometers, transient hot wire thermal conductivity apparatus and isochoric densimeter.
His vast experience, technical knowledge, can-do attitude and sense of humour will be greatly missed by all of us at UWA.

Preface to the JCED Memorial Issue in Honor of Anthony R. H. Goodwin
Obituary written by Sir William Wakeham and J. P. Martin Trusler