UWA Defend JCEC Research Excellence Title

March 22, 2017

PhD students Shane Morrissy and Arman Siahvashi were awarded first and second place respectively in the fourth annual JCEC Postgraduate Research Excellence Awards.

Shane Morrissy presented his work on “Development of the Next Generation of Hydrate Anti-agglomerants for Safe & Economical Operation of Hydrocarbon Flowlines”.  In his research Shane is testing and developing a number of compounds to prevent gas-hydrate particles from ‘sticking’ together.  Without the ability to stick, hydrate particles are less likely to form blockages in oil & gas pipelines.  This significantly reduces the risk for offshore oil & gas developments and can prevent the need for high dosage hydrate inhibitor chemicals.  The research has the potential to significantly reduce chemical and infrastructure requirements for new developments.

Arman Siahvashi presented his work on “Visual Measurements of Heavy Hydrocarbon Solubility in LNG Mixtures”.  His research focuses on the cryogenic section of the LNG processing plant.  Particularly on components that risk freezing in the main cryogenic heat exchanger.  Heavy hydrocarbons including BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene) although are present in only small amounts can freeze eventually narrowing and blocking heat exchanger tubes.  Current models do not accurately predict freeze out temperatures.   Arman has measured the first data obtained for a p-xylene and methane mixture.  Having more accurate data allows better models to be developed to improve the design and operation of LNG operations.

Their win follows on from the 2016 success of Keelan O’Neill also of UWA who won last year’s award.

The awards were held at UWA by the Joint Chemical Engineering Committee (JCEC) in March. The fourth annual Postgraduate Research Excellence Awards showcases the best Chemical Engineering research by Postgraduates in Western Australia.  Projects were judged against four criteria being significance of research to chemical engineering, application in industry, novelty and presentation quality.   The JCEC involves the Engineers Australia WA Chemical Branch and the WA ICHEME state branch.

Two finalists each from Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University and The University of Western Australia participated in the awards and are listed below,

Curtin: Matthew Witham – Green Biochar Based Catalysts for the Cleaning of Syngas Produced from Solid-Fuels Gasification

Curtin: Md Mayeedul Islam – Development of Electrochemical Method for Monitoring Top-of-the-line Corrosion

ECU: Firoozeh Bavandpour Cheleh – Development of Novel Adsorbents for In Situ Treatment of Water in Mine Tailing Pond

ECU:  Fatemeh Bahrami – Pollutant Removal from Contaminated Groundwater by Floating Adsorbents

Murdoch:  Gloria Rupf – Empowering the Powerless – How to Transform Waste into Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Murdoch: Jomana Al-Nu’airat – The role of Singlet Oxygen in Coal Spontaneous Fire

UWA:  Shane Morrissy – Development of the Next Generation of Hydrate Anti-agglomerants for Safe & Economical Operation of Hydrocarbon Flowlines

UWA: Arman Siahvashi – Visual Measurements of Heavy Hydrocarbon Solubility in LNG Mixtures: Industrial Application

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