The Fluid Science & Resources (FSR) research group falls within the School of Chemical Engineering at UWA.   Our research has a strong industry focus, particularly in oil & gas however we have ongoing research and collaborations with mining, water treatment and other heavy industries.  We undertake a multi- faceted approach to research, conducting fundamental studies, bench scale experiments, and modelling of real world systems together with dynamic pilot-scale processes to validate the research outcomes.


The group’s research falls under four themes,

  1. Flow Assurance, the formation and management of hydrates in Oil & Gas pipelines
  2. Fluid Properties, specialising in measurement of hydrocarbon & industrially important mixtures at high pressure and cryogenic temperatures.
  3. Gas Separations, advanced separation processes and materials design to remove impurities from natural gas and capture greenhouse gases
  4. Magnetic Resonance Engineering, low field NMR measurement techniques applied to porous media and multi-phase systems including emulsions and hydrate dispersions.

Each research theme is complementary: for example we regularly apply NMR techniques to better study hydrates and our physical property data for hydrocarbons directly relates to our flow assurance and reservoir modelling programs.

Professors Eric May and Mike Johns lead the research group which was established over ten years ago and now includes over 50 researchers including six Academics, 14 Research Fellows and more than 35 PhD Students.