Research & Development for Australia’s Hydrogen Export Industry


Hydrogen has been identified as central to the decarbonisation of the energy and industrial sectors. The CSIRO has released a National Hydrogen Roadmap intended to help the development of a hydrogen industry. Significant efforts in research & development are underway to promote hydrogen production, distribution and utilisation within Australia. Tremendous opportunities also exist to establish a H2 export industry that builds upon our world-leading track record as global supplier of LNG. However many technical challenges exist regarding the most cost-effective methods of exporting H2 from Australia to the large prospective markets in Japan, Korea and China. Overcoming these challenges efficiently will require Australia to develop systematic and coordinated research & development program, informed by industry and the experience of other countries that builds upon existing strengths while minimising duplication. The design and use of research infrastructure that allows for industrial-scale validation of H2 export technologies will be central to this program.

In 2018, the NERA Growth Centre co-funded with Chevron, Shell, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and UWA, the pre-FEED design of the LNG Futures Facility ( This is a 10 tonne-per-day LNG plant intended to serve as a national facility for industrial-scale research and technology validation for natural gas processing, liquefaction, storage and re-gasification. This proposed Facility could readily be augmented to include infrastructure for testing technologies that will accelerate the launch of a future H2 export industry.


This Workshop will bring together global experts on H2, natural gas & LNG to achieve the following:

  • Understand driving forces, current efforts and future plans for industrially-focussed H2 research in Australia and internationally
  • Learn about the LNG Futures Facility, its potential capabilities for industrial-scale testing at high-pressures and cryogenic temperatures, and the proposed R&D program
  • Develop an industry-led R&D plan to accelerate the growth of H2 exports from Australia that is complementary and avoids duplicating existing research initiatives.

Participants will include: Future Fuels CRC; CSIRO; Prof Roland Span, RUB Germany; Prof Martin Trusler, Imperial College; Woodside; Hyundai Heavy Industries; UWA; Curtin and Hazer

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